EMDR workshop experience with Ana Gomez, MC, LPC

I had heard many good things about Ana Gomez, how great she is with children.
Unfortunately, I did not see her at last EMDR conference in year 2009 and am looking forward to taking her workshop in a different setting.

I got the chance to take her two days workshop in April in bay area " Complex PTSD, Attachment and Dissociative Symptoms: Treating Children with Pervasive Emotion Dysregulation Using EMDR and Adjunctive Approaches". It was wonderful. She used many visual aids with rich case studies. I am a strong visual learner and very impressed by her creativity and enthusiasm to help children.

This is her advanced training compare to "Step by step" workshop. I have not taken the "Step..." workshop but am very interested to take that workshop also.
I highly advice to take her workshop if you have a chance...