What is Psycho Therapy?

We go to see dentist when we are suffering from teeth ache. We also see physicians when we do not feel well. Psychotherapy treats emotional pain and difficulty to make client feel better.


How is that different from talking to my friends?

The big difference between talking to your family or close friends and psychotherapy session is confidentiality. Your session is your time. You can talk anything you want without judgment from listeners. You can not talk freely only about you as in session with your friends or cared one because it is not socially appropriate. You may worry about listeners’ reactions or hurt them from your honest opinion and not able to disclose your worries to them because you care about them.


What is “Confidentiality”?

Confidentiality is keeping secret about client, what the client talked and did during the sessions. Unless there is a reasonable cause to believe there is clear and imminent danger to another or persons, or client self and if there is reasonable cause to believe there is child, elder, or dependent-adult abuse.

In these above situations, I am not able to keep confidentiality by law and need to report to authorities.


Not everyone use therapy. Why do I need one? I am not crazy!

You do not need one but getting psychotherapy helps anyone to understand yourself and others, what is going on around you and improve relationships with others. In our cultures, other people had been playing a therapist role until modern time. Such as elders in a village, religion leaders, Sherman, chief of a tribe, bartenders, fortunetellers and etc,. However, our life style changed. The system changed. Our old way is not working as before. Some people are still using the old way to deal with their emotional issues. I am glad if it is still working for these people. If not, I highly recommend you to experience therapy sessions when your situation is tough. It is a technique and medium to go through difficult situation. In therapy session means you are working hard to improve yourself in the situation.


My mission statement

I believe everyone has strong and challenged parts within them. My job as a therapist is supporting my clients to find their strength and use them to improve their life. There is no “100% good” or “100% bad” person in this world. It is the matter of how the person feels, thinks and acts in the situation. We can change little by little.