What is Art therapy?

In simple way, it is a psychological technique to use art form during counseling sessions. Art therapy itself has been used among psychotherapist for long time but still young in academia.

Children like to draw because drawing is not verbal, which they have not mastered, but visual. The color and shape stimulate different parts of brain and heal emotions in different way. Some memories are stored in the area of the brain, which does not recall in the same way talking therapy do. These memories are often come back when using hands and bodies or getting visual stimuli. During the session, some clients learn from what they are really feeling and thinking and encouraged and empowered from their creations.

Aim of art therapy is not making beautiful creation. It is not for judge or competitions. Please do not worry. I do not diagnose you from a piece of drawing.

It is more process oriented than product oriented. I know not everyone enjoy art process. I will use art therapy techniques during sessions with clients’ agreement.

If you are interested more about art therapy, please visit http://www.arttherapy.org/aboutart.htm