About Clinic

Counseling sessions will be held in my office in Mountain View (1059 El Monte Ave, Suite B) unless for specific reasons. Such as if clients are not able to come to the office. I can arrange out reach session for who can’t drive or other reasons. Please consult with me first.


I share the office in Mountain View with other therapists. You will first see a waiting room when you open the door. Please have a seat until your appointment time. Your therapist will take you to your session room at the time comes. There are 8 session rooms for different purpose (individual, family, group, and play therapy room etc,.) I can accommodate with you for your specific needs.


Please feel free to take your friend or family members for the first session if you feel uncomfortable to come alone. And please ask any question to me as much as you want. The waiting room and session rooms have silencers, so the conversation during the sessions is kept confidential.